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Discover Things To Do On Exuma Bahamas

Gateway to Wondrous Elizabeth Harbour

Beach Yoga

Experience tranquility by the seaside through our beach yoga classes. Join us every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 11 am to immerse yourself in the serenity of the sun, sand, and gentle waves. Renew your mind and body as you bask in the soothing embrace of nature.

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Sea Safari

Enjoy a full Exuma excursion of Moriah Cay marine preserve and Elizabeth Harbor with our new daily boat rental. Featuring snacks, drinks and water toys for your choice of a Half Day, Full Day or Private tour.

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Boat parties on the Sandbar

Just a short boat ride from The Peace & Plenty is an indescribably beautiful sandbar. One of the best experiences on Exuma is sitting in knee-deep crystal clear water on a hot, sunny day enjoying a cold cocktail and laughing with friends with your favorite music playing from the boat. Don't worry, we'll arrange the boat, the captain, the drinks, and even pack your lunches....just bring your swimsuit and a positive vibe!

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Snorkeling the Fowl Cay reef

Located near the sandbar is a small, pristine island called Fowl Cay, which features a beautiful coral reef teaming with all kinds of aquatic life in just 15' to 20' of water. The island also has a spectacular and untouched beach, if you'd prefer to just relax or continue the party. Our Elizabeth Harbour excursion will take you there as well.

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Swimming with Turtles

Also located in Elizabeth Harbour is Hooper's Bay which is famous for swimming with turtles. Just hop off the boat with a handful of lettuce and watch these adorable creatures come right up.

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Elizabeth Harbour and Stocking Island provide quite a view from up above.

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Explore Stocking Island

Stocking Island, where our beach club and cottages are located, is a 4-mile long barrier island which for the most part is an untouched natural wonderland just waiting to be explored. The island features gorgeous beaches on both sides - wind & waves on one and calm, shallow water on the other. It also has hills with considerable elevation, perfect for hiking - and the view from the top of the royal blue Atlantic Ocean on one side and bright turqouise Elizabeth Harbour on the other is beyond description. This is no watered-down corporate resort experience.

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Paddle boarding and Kayaking

Paddle boarding and Kayaking - we've got it all at our beach club.

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For those seeking more of an extreme sport rush, Elizabeth Harbour is your perfect spot.

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Scuba Diving

Diving in Exuma is exceptional because of the clarity of the water and prevalence of underwater caves called blue holes. One such cave called "Angelfish Blue Hole" is located in an enclosed bay within Stocking Island and reaches a maximum diving depth of 92 feet with a chamber that you can swim through at the bottom. There is also a wreck dive nearby as well.

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Deep Sea Fishing

The ocean's depth off of Exuma drops dramatically providing for exceptional deep sea fishing.

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The Famous Exuma Swimming Pigs

The most popular tour for most visitors to Exuma is an all-day boat excursion up the incredible Exuma Cays to visit various small islands including the one with the famous swimming pigs.

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Swimming with Sharks

On the same Exuma Cays tour, you can stop at Compass Cay and swim with a school of nurse sharks. They’re docile but you still may want to keep your hands up!

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The leeward side of Great Exuma is regarded as one of the best locations in the world for boneshing. In this sport, having the right guide is critical and the local guides on Exuma are as good as they come.

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Nicknamed the "Pebble Beach of the Caribbean" because of its 9 holes along the ocean, the breathtaking 18-hole championship course at Emerald Bay designed by golf legend, Greg Norman, is a must for any golfer. Tee times are available from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the pro shop rents clubs and shoes.

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ATV Tours

You’ll visit historic sites, traverse rocky landscapes and cruise by beautiful saltwater creeks. Experience Exuma in a whole new way on this ATV eco-tour through the island.

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Long Island Excursions

Take a boat excursion south to neighboring Long Island to dive into world famous Dean’s Blue Hole and swim in a natural "swimming pool beach".

aerial view of Dean’s Blue Hole