classic picture of Stanley Benjamin and Charlie Pflueger

Our History

Peace & Plenty
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The Peace & Plenty boasts a rich history dating back to the American Revolution. Since then, it’s become an iconic landmark and central hub of Great Exuma. Scroll through our historical highlights.

view of sailboats sailing in the ocean

October 12th, 1492

Christopher Columbus landed on San Salvador in the Bahamas - believed to be either San Salvador or Long Island. Soon after, he reportedly sailed to Great Exuma and upon arriving in spectacular Elizabeth Harbour (which The Peace & Plenty overlooks) Columbus observed that the "harbour was large enough to anchor all the ships in Christendom."

view of a classic boat sailing in the ocean

October 1783

Lord Denys Rolle, a British Loyalist seeking to flee Florida after its cession to Spain that year, set sail from Savannah, Georgia for Great Exuma on board an English trading ship, Peace and Plenty. Upon arrival, he established a cotton plantation covering much of the island but with its main buildings on our site. Much of the Exuma population today bears the Rolle name.

illustration of an old building

1783 to 1958

Over the next 175 years, the property served as part of a larger cotton plantation, then a sponge warehouse, and later the home of a prominent island family, The Minns, whose descendants still live here and own the marina and grocery store across the street.

old picture of a colonial style hotel

January 14th, 1958

Lawrence Lewis, heir to the Henry Flagler railroad and Standard Oil fortune, opened "Club Peace and Plenty" - a 32-room colonial style hotel. The old plantation cookhouse became the club bar and the former sponge warehouse/Minns' family home was converted into the main lobby.

old picture of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh visiting Peace and Plenty

April 25th, 1959

His Royal Majesty, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, during his visit to Peace and Plenty for the Out-Island Regatta.

old picture of peace and plenty pool

April 1967

Peace and Plenty" of the Peace & Plenty pool by famed photographer, Slim Aarons. George 'Slim' Aarons, a WWII Army photographer, returned from the war with a mission to photograph 'attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.' From 1947 to 1993, on assignment for Holiday, LIFE, Vogue and Town & Country, he traveled the world documenting the rich and famous at home and play. Source -

classic picture of Stanley Benjamin and Charlie Pflueger

September 12th, 1969

Stanley Benjamin and Charlie Pflueger re-opened Club Peace & Plenty after purchasing the hotel from Lawrence Lewis. Charlie kicked off his self-described "40-year love affair" as General Manager (from his autobiography, Island Fever). Group photo from the Club Bar in 1970 with Charlie on the right, looking like a real life James Bond.

old picture of two men

1959 to Present

Since the 1970's, a "Who's Who" list of actors, musicians, and athletes have visited The Peace & Plenty - many of whom were regulars and became friends of Charlie Pflueger. Some of these celebrities include baseball greats Ted Williams (seen here with Charlie) and Mickey Mantle, golfers Jack Nicklaus, Ray Floyd, Greg Norman, and Tom Weiskof; actors Robert Mitchum, Gene Hackman, Sam Elliott, Johnny Depp, Hume Cronyn and wife Jessica Tandy; NFL legends Joe Namath and Coach Don Shula plus, more recently, Nick and Joey Bosa; plus others such as Jimmy Buffet, Ted Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Al Roker.

old black and white picture of a couple and a boat behind them

Frank & Gertrude Denison – Modern Yacht-building Pioneers

While on their honeymoon in 1948, Frank & Gertrude Denison bought a shipyard in Ft. Lauderdale that they renamed “Broward Marine”. After first building minesweepers for the US Navy during the Korean War, they soon began building custom yachts for the world’s elite. They are credited with not only making Ft. Lauderdale the yacht-building capital of the world that it is today but also pioneering the entire modern yacht-building industry. Coincidentally, for over 50 years starting in the early 1960’s, the Peace & Plenty was one of their favorite spots to visit. Photo of Frank & Gertrude at the Peace & Plenty in 1965.

photo of The Jetstreamers" band performing at the Peace & Plenty


1970's photo of "The Jetstreamers" band performing at the Peace & Plenty.

Peace and Plenty pool deck circa 1970


Peace & Plenty pool deck circa 1970

Johnny Depp wearing a hat and glasses during an interview

August 6th, 2006

Johnny Depp accepted the 2006 People's Choice Award for "Favorite Male Movie Star" live via satellite from the Peace & Plenty's Club Bar while on site fillming Pirates of the Caribbean 3

image that shows four different stamps

October 30th, 2014

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism unveiled four commemorative stamps in honor of its 50th Anniversary. As described at the time, the stamps featured four of the best known hotels in the country - Atlantis, Baha Mar Resort, The Princess Resort, and The Peace & Plenty Hotel. Highlighting the iconic nature of The Peace & Plenty within the Bahamas, the other three hotels commemorated were large mega resorts vs. our small 34-room boutique hotel.

picture of brothers Steve and Patrick Harrington and a native Exumian couple

September 21st, 2017

A group led by brothers Steve and Patrick Harrington and native Exumian, Burton Rodgers, purchased The Peace & Plenty from the Benjamin family, who had owned it for nearly 50 years. Steve, Patrick, and their sister Ann have been visiting The Peace & Plenty since the mid-1990's. Like most who visit Exuma, they fell in love with its spectacular beauty, tranquility, and warm culture. As this page illustrates, the Harringtons feel a strong responsibility to steward this storied property well by celebrating its rich history while simultaneously modernizing it for new generations to fully enjoy. May 2021 photo of Steve and Patrick Harrington with the Honorable Prime Minister Minnis and Senator Isaacs-Dotson.

shore of the beach with crystal clear water, and beach chairs and umbrellas in front

October 2018

The same group led by the Harringtons purchased the property on Stocking Island which is now the Peace & Plenty Beach Club and Island Cottages. Located just one mile across Elizabeth Harbour, this property provides a short boating adventure for guests to "another world" on Stocking Island including the spectacular beach club.

view of the shore beach in front of the resort in a sunny day

December 2019

The group partnered with another property owner to purchase a newly-built beach resort. Located immediately next to the Peace & Plenty Beach Club and renamed "Kahari", this resort offers a more luxurious private island experience including an exceptional restuarant, The Beacon (visit

photo of a group of people with swimsuits on the beach


The essence of The Peace & Plenty is enjoying the peace and natural wonder of Exuma with good friends, both old and new. With that ethos in mind, the Harringtons have been delighted to create a social club of partners who enjoy doing exactly that and introducing this very special place to the rest of the world.

close view of an african american man

1970 to 2019

In addition to the stunning natural beauty of Exuma, a passionate and wise owner for 40 years in Stanley Benjamin, and a talented and charismatic GM in Charlie PFlueger, a very big part of the legend that is The Peace & Plenty can be attributed to an extraordinary gentleman by the name of Lermon Rolle. For over 40 years, Lermon served as head bartender and as Charlie described "a more gregarious and welcoming individual would be hard to find." Lermon, better known as the "Doctor of Libations" or just "Doc" was the face of The Peace & Plenty for over 40 years and had a natural gift to make every guest feel welcomed and special. Guests returning after 20 or 30 years still ask about our beloved "Doc". Therefore, in January 2021 it only seemed befitting to name our outdoor bar "Doc's" after this warm soul who brought so much joy to so many people.