Experiencing Bahamas Independence Day in George Town Exuma

Experiencing Bahamas Independence Day in George Town Exuma

While most of the United States celebrates its independence on July 4th, the Bahamas have their own Independence Day holiday to celebrate their separation from the United Kingdom. When you stay with us in George Town Exuma, join us at Peace and Plenty for this annual event. With parades, music, food, and more, this is one Exuma Bahamas event that you will not want to miss!

When and Where

The date of the Bahamas reclaiming their independence from the United Kingdom is July 10th. From the 1400s to 1973, the Bahamas were ruled by Europeans that staked claim on the “discovered” islands and was a long road of ups and downs to reach their full independence. Though the officially observed holiday is on July 10th, the Bahamas celebrates the holiday for an entire week. From July 3rd to the 10th, the party takes the region by storm with lively events and a wide variety of cultural happenings.


Many of the festivities that take place over the week of the Bahamas Independence Day holiday are centered around traditional Junkaroo styles. Colorful parades fill the streets while island music rings through the air. Dancing, food, and vibrant costumes are also not uncommon to see throughout the communities. You can ask our helpful staff at Peace and Plenty about any specific celebrations taking place in George Town Exumas or play it by ear and see where the week takes you!

Stay and Play

When you stay with us at Peace and Plenty over the Bahamas Independence Day Holiday, you can expect it to be an unforgettable experience. Take the opportunity to learn more about the area’s culture while also enjoying all of the best Exuma attractions along the way. Explore George Town Exumas as well as the other islands that have a host of their very own adventures for a Bahamas getaway that you will remember for years to come.