Exuma Bahamas: Explore and Discover!

Exuma Bahamas: Explore and Discover!

When you set out on an adventure to the Exuma Bahamas, your experience will be far from ordinary. Surrounded by incredible seascapes and vibrant tropical culture, you will be transported to a whole new world. Stay with us at Peace and Plenty and discover some of the most breathtaking features of the Exuma Bahamas and uncover new experiences that you can only find in our beautiful island paradise.

Begin a Collection with Beachcombing

The ocean is full of mysteries, and when you visit our Exuma Bahamas resort, one of the best ways to discover a few of those secrets is by beachcombing. You never know what you will find washed up on the sandy beaches. Bring along a small bucket or a container to collect shells, rocks, and driftwood. You can observe and admire coral and other creatures like starfish and sea fans, but they should remain on the beach as some beaches have tight regulations on what you can and cannot take home. Beachcombing is one of the best ways to explore the beaches and have a bit of fun while identifying intriguing finds along the way.

Exuma BahamasExplore the Exuma Wall

Whether you have been diving for many years or will be taking your first glimpse of life below the waves, there is one place in the Exuma Bahamas that you will want to add to your adventure check-list. The Exuma Wall is a unique experience that will take you under the water and into a fascinating world of sea life and underwater landscapes that will leave you in awe. There are several snorkeling tours throughout the Exumas, and The Exuma Wall is known for being a fantastic place to practice your skills and explore new endeavors. If you prefer to stay on land, you can also explore up and down the shores. With a beautiful cove that hosts calm waters that are perfect for swimming on one side and breathtaking views of the ocean on the other side of the wall, this little slice of heaven is one that you will not want to miss.

Sail with Us to Our Beach Club

Though it can be tempting to lounge around the resort and simply soak in the sunny Bahamas weather, exploring the islands is definitely a must! When you stay with us at Peace and Plenty, join us at our Beach Club on the beaches of Stocking Island and discover even more beauty beyond the shores of Georgetown Bahamas. You will enjoy the mellow rock of the waves as your captain sails you to the nearby island, and you can explore stocking island to your heart’s delight. A stay at Peace and Plenty is nothing short of magical, and it’s your time to explore and discover our Exuma Bahamas home! What are you waiting for?