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Peace and Plenty is here to help you navigate and plan your upcoming trip to Exuma. Take a deep dive into the stunning island's surroundings and explore our staff picks for tips and recommendations.

Paddleboard or Kitesurf from Elizabeth Harbor

There’s more than one way to experience the turquois waters around Stocking Island and Elizabeth Harbor. We’ve suggested you to go on safari, to swim with the turtles, and to hop on a boat; this month we invite you to get sporty.

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April 2023

Swim with the Turtles in Elizabeth Harbour

Defying gravity in a big way, beautiful sea turtles swim beneath the surface of chrystal clear Elizabeth Harbour and Hooper’s Bay. Lucky for you, they’re not opposed to you swimming with them! Just hop off the boat with a handful of lettuce and watch them come to you.

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March 2023

Parasailing Over Stocking Island

The beaches are breathtaking; warm surf lapping at your feet as you pad along soft sand beneath waving palms. To many, it’s the perfect seaside paradise. But what if there’s an incredible view to be had that’ll lift your feet clear off the ground.

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February 2023

Party with your Friends on the Sandbar

While your friends and family back home are bundled in coats, hats, and winter gear, you get to attend the party of your life wearing just a bathing suit. We insist! It’s Peace & Plenty’s party on the Sandbar, and you’re invited.

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January 2023

Go on Safari!

Surely, you’re familiar with African Safaris, that other-worldly adventure during which you can see lions, tigers, and elephants in their natural habitat. But have you heard of a Sea Safari? They’re here at Peace & Plenty, and one of the most popular ways to explore the alluring turquois water surrounding our resort. Book yours now through the end of January to get 50% off.

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December 2022

Pet a Stingray and See the Stars

Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular here in The Exumas; encounter nature first-hand by feeding the endangered Bahamian iguanas or catching a glimpse of the elusive hutia with the assistance of one of the professional guides.

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November 2022

Blow Hole Cay, Staniel Cay and Thunderball Grotto

Looks can be deceiving; what appears to be a massive limestone rock formation above the water, is actually hiding an incredible emerald grotto below. Named for its cameo in a 1960s James Bond movie, Thunderball is a site to swim.

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Staniel Cay

October 2022

Feed the Swimming Pigs

The Exumas are renowned for their sapphire-blue water—waters so luminous, their brilliant color is visible even from outer space. This chain of 365 islands is home to secluded beaches, deserted cays, and…sweet, swimming pigs.

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September 2022

Paddle into Nature

At the Peace & Plenty, we’re so much more than a room with a view. Our little piece of paradise is nestled into the heart of Georgetown, providing the ultimate gateway to countless adventures on azure Elizabeth Harbor. Rest in the serenity of our tropical haven and explore nature from your doorstep.

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