Top 3 Exuma Must-Sees For The Adventurer

Top 3 Exuma Must-Sees For The Adventurer

When you stay in Exuma hotels, it is saltwater breezes and breathtaking ocean views. There is no shortage of beauty or tranquility when you visit us at Peace and Plenty. However, for some, relaxation is not the draw when they are searching for that perfect vacation spot. If you are looking for a Bahamas adventure, there are three must-sees that need to be at the top of your itinerary.

Wild Swimming Excursions

The Bahamas are full of beautiful panoramic views of crystal blue waters that seem to stretch on forever. Exuma is also home to a lot of fascinating wildlife and sea life.  For the adventurers, taking a dive and discovering the wonders of our waters can be as exhilarating as it is fascinating. With a visit to Compass Cay, you can swim with nurse sharks and experience snorkeling alongside these gentle creatures. Swim amongst stingrays at the Chat n’ Chill on Stocking Island or dive for starfish on several of the surrounding Cays. The Exuma pigs on Big Major Cay, also known as Pig Island, are an exciting adventure that is one you cannot find anywhere else. Being located in the middle of such a wondrous array of cays and islands, Exuma Bahamas is the perfect place for finding adventures at sea.

Shroud Cay Views

If you are looking to discover an untouched piece of paradise to explore by land and sea while you are staying in Exuma hotels, a visit to Shroud Cay is just the right outing for you. Located in the Exuma Cays National Land and Sea Park, this area has been preserved with the upkeep of a not take law. The areas are open to anyone in search of seeing the raw beauty of the Exuma Bahamas area, as the only sign of human presence should be the footsteps you leave in the sand behind you. You can take a kayak through beautiful freshwater mangroves or hike to the highest vantage point for stunning panoramic views out over the island and its surrounding waters. For those versed in diving, this area is home to a well-preserved area home to vibrant coral formations and sea life that are sure to catch your eye.

exuma hotelsDiscover Norman’s Cay

Norman’s Cay was once the private land of a well-known name in the shady activities of drug smuggling in the 1970’s and into the 1980’s. Though its history is one of scandal and risky business, the island is now an exotic paradise with a secret. One of the past residents of the island, Carlos Lehder, invited a pilot with a WWII C-46 plane that was meant to be exhibited to Carlos for possible purchase. One morning the pilot decided to take it for a spin and made a crash landing in just a short distance offshore from the marina. The plane has sat there, submerged in the waters ever since and has become a staple for the curious and explorers. Shallow waters make it easy to snorkel and discover the wreckage while it is also visible by boat. The plane has many different tails curated by locals, but all contribute to the already colorful past of Norman’s Cay.

If you are an adventurer looking for exciting and nautical excursions, Exuma Bahamas is a fantastic place to discover a little bit of everything in one place. Stay with us at Peace and Plenty to find the best in Exuma hotels and explore all of our surrounding cays. The Exuma Bahamas area should be at the top of every adventure bucket list, so what are you waiting for?