The Ultimate Adventure: Peace & Plenty

The Ultimate Adventure: Peace & Plenty

The Exuma Bahamas area is an incredibly gorgeous corner of the world. Imagine yourself sitting near the shores of crystal blue waters and the warm sun shining down on you. You feel the saltwater breeze coming off the ocean. You have just arrived at your beach inspired room in one of the remarkable Exuma Bahamas hotels, Peace and Plenty, and are ready to begin your ultimate island adventure.

Explore On Your Own

Between George Town and Stocking Island, the sparkling waters invite you out to explore. Rent a boat to set sail out on the Elizabeth Harbour. Float on the waves for a relaxing boat excursion, jump in for some snorkeling, or take it to nearby beaches and discover what their shores hold. When you stay in Exuma Bahamas hotels like Peace and Plenty, you have full access to all of the jaw-dropping surroundings.

Meet New Friends

There are a few residents in the Exuma, Bahamas that you do not see every day in most other places. One of its well known and unexpected neighbors are the swimming pigs on Major Cay. Always looking for a treat from visiting tourists and curious of those who come to their shores, these pigs are celebrities in their own unique way. Another local friend to meet is the Nurse Shark. On Compass Cay, you can join over 50 of these gentle creatures for an adventure like no other.

Discover The Grotto

exuma bahamas hotelsWhen visiting the Exumas, there is one natural attraction that you will not want to miss. The Thunderball Grotto is a vast hollow rock and coral formation that creates a hidden cave oasis. Enter the large dome and swim through the waters while observing colorful fish and beautiful coral reef areas. The sun shines in through natural skylights creating a whimsical atmosphere for an unforgettable experience for all who stay in our Exuma Bahamas hotels.


Stay with us and explore everything our islands have to offer at Peace and Plenty. You can begin planning your ultimate adventure by giving us a call at  1-242-336-2551 and speaking with one of our staff members. What are you waiting for? The Bahamas are calling!