Take A Dive In The Bahamas

Take A Dive In The Bahamas

It is no secret that the Exuma Bahamas is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations out there. When you stay with Peace and Plenty in George Town, you have full access to the nearby islands, sparkling waters, and the chance to meet some incredible sea life. Take a dive on your visit with us and get up close and personal with the residents of the Caribbean.

Dive Exuma

One of the most effective ways to see all of our ocean residing neighbors is to take a dive in the waters and meet them face to face. Dive Exuma is a fantastic company that will bring you out on the waves and help you safely execute an underwater adventure. Take a quick course to learn the ins and outs of diving, strap on your gear, and get out into the open waters. Submerged under the surface, you will see everything from a fish’s perspective and get the full Bahamas experience.

Discover The Caribbean

The Caribbean is full of colorful creatures and magnificent underwater scenes. Dive through the reefs and even discover wrecks from long ago that remain frozen in time beneath the currents. There are a few stars of the sea that you may run into as well. You may see:

  • Starfish
  • Nurse Sharks
  • Spider Crabs
  • Colorful fish like triggerfish, angelfish, rock beauties, and more
  • Sea turtles
  • Conches
  • Dolphins

You may even come across a few swimming pigs on your excursion! On land, colorful beings like the flamingo relax in the sun. Rock iguana can be found waiting by the shores for tourists carrying tasty treats like bananas and grapes.exuma bahamas

Be Mindful

The Exuma Bahamas area is a beautiful ecosystem and will only stay this way if tourists remain mindful of its needs. To protect these magnificent areas from destruction, no-take zones allow you to explore, but please leave it as it was when you came. It is crucial for the survival of places like these reefs to remain flourishing for years to come and for future generations to enjoy.


Peace and Plenty invites you to come and discover our incredible sea life for yourselves. Stay with us in the Exuma Bahamas and take a dive into our waters to see everything the area has to offer. Call us at 1-242-336-2551 and begin planning your very own underwater adventure!