Enjoy the Seafood Restaurants “near Me” in George Town

Enjoy the Seafood Restaurants “near Me” in George Town

When you stay at Peace & Plenty Resort, you’re right on the beautiful, aqua-colored ocean, which means seafood is abundant. If you’re a seafood fan, then George Town is the right place to be. During your vacation, if you find yourself Googling “seafood restaurants near me,” we’ve got you covered. We created a complete guide to some of the best seafood restaurants around George Town that you’ll find below. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, you’re sure to leave each and every seafood restaurant full and completely satisfied.

The 2 Best Seafood Restaurants “near Me”

There is plenty of fresh seafood to go around in George Town, which is why it’s home to some of the best seafood restaurants you’ll encounter. Whether it’s lobster, shrimp, or fish, you’ll find everything you could ever imagine. The tropical climate of the Bahamas will make your dining experience even better, with gorgeous views of the water and palm trees. To learn more about the two best seafood restaurants “near me,” continue reading.

Shirley’s Seafood Restaurant

Head to Shirley’s Seafood for a delicious and fresh lunch or dinner. Open from noon until 9 p.m., Shirley’s serves a mix of seafood, Caribbean, and Bahamain cuisine with all of your favorites. Get crispy calamari to start, followed by mouth-watering snapper, or, if you aren’t the biggest fan of seafood, there are plenty of other options available like cracked chicken and spicy pork chops. So come hungry to Shirley’s Seafood Restaurant and indulge in some of the finest cuisine in George Town.

Eddie’s Edgewater Restaurant

Indulge in a tasty cracked conch dinner, snapper, the infamous mac and cheese, and other delicious seafood dishes and sides. Every Monday, Eddie’s Edgewater Restaurant has live music and dancing. The music pairs wonderfully with dinner, and dancing is the perfect way to end the night at Eddie’s. Whether it’s day time or night time, you’ll find beautiful views to bask in while enjoying some of the best and most fresh seafood in the area.

The Most Immaculate Exuma Hotel

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