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A historic favorite in the Bahamas, Peace and Plenty continues to receive great recognition as a tropical getaway. Read below where we have been featured.

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Flight to Great Exuma Island & Hotel in George Town

After a short stopover in Nassau we went further south today – to the archipelago of the Exumas. We have been told by many that if you want to experience the “real Bahamas”, you have to travel to one of the many islands away from New Providence. That’s why we put together a nice combination with Exuma and Long Island, which we will report to you in the following articles

new peace and plenty pool overlooking ocean

36 Hours in Exuma, the Bahamas

By Abbott Combes

March 24, 2006

THE real Exuma is a do-it-yourself place, best discovered with sand between your toes. On its unspoiled beaches, the only footprints are probably your own, and the clear Atlantic waters that feed them dance before you like a kaleidoscope of jades, purples and blues.

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