Nothin’ But Beaches

Nothin’ But Beaches

Walking along the water, squishing the sand between your toes with every step, you make your way down the beach. Discovering little shells and breathing in that tropical saltwater breeze as it brushes over your skin. You cannot help but rejoice in the beauty of your surroundings as you venture on to explore the beaches of Exuma BA. Here at Peace and Plenty, we love our beaches and cannot wait for you to discover their beauty as well.

Stocking Island Beaches

exuma baOne of the best beachy experiences is a trip to Stocking Island. Stocking Island has gorgeous secluded beaches that you can relax on, do a bit of shelling, take a dip in the water, and enjoy the local wildlife. Stingrays will swim on by off the shores within arms reach to give them a brush with your hand as they swim along their way.

Stocking Island is only a short 10-minute boat ride from your accommodations in Georgetown. This makes it great for a small day trip excursion. There is also a beach bar on Stocking Island that has pig roasts on Sundays, a fresh conch salad stand, as well as volleyball courts.

Surrounding Beach Day-trip Destinations

Being in the Bahamas, Peace and Plenty has many nearby beaches that serve as beautiful paradises for visitors. You can take day trips to surrounding beaches like Forbes Hill Beach, Love Beach, Cocoplum, and more. Find live sand dollars making their ways through their habitat and enjoy watching them. Starfish Beach on Stocking Island also offers a fantastic experience of finding bright red starfish.

There are a number of beachy adventures you can take part in with an Exuma BA getaway with us. Call us at  1-242-336-2551 or visit our website to find your ideal beach vacation with us here at Peace and Plenty. Explore the wonders of Exuma Bahamas and all of our wonderful beaches and sparkling waters.