Meeting The Exuma Pigs

Meeting The Exuma Pigs

Besides the sparkling waters and tropical oasis islands of Exuma Bahamas, there is one staple that is an adorable favorite amongst many. Making their ways into the hearts and bucket lists of people from across the globe these cute little animals have become the celebrities of the Bahamas. The Exuma Pigs call this area home, and when you stay with us at Peace and Plenty, you can take a short trip to the nearby Big Major Cay island where you will find numerous pudgy pigs eager to greet you.

exuma bahamasThe History Of The Exuma Pigs

Though there is a colorful array of backstories that locals and enthusiasts alike have curated over the years, nobody is quite sure just how these pigs got to the island. From stories of an ancient shipwreck leaving them stranded to the pigs making the daring swim from other nearby islands, the legends seem to have no end. Though many of them are creative ideas and make for fascinating tales, they were most likely placed on Big Major Cay by residents from other nearby islands that did not have the capacity to raise them anymore.

Over the years the pigs, along with a few stray goats and a cat or two, have thrived on their own without the assistance of their human neighbors. They were once only known about by a few locals on surrounding islands, but as their numbers grew, they became a must-see of Exuma Bahamas. There are now over twenty pigs roaming free on their island home and are gradually increasing in numbers in their own little slice of paradise.

Meeting The Pigs

exuma bahamasAs word began to spread of these unusual island residents, tourists started to flock to the area just to meet the famous Exuma Pigs. Many locals have taken advantage of the draw these pigs have as an opportunity to offer tours and special trips from Florida and other surrounding areas to meet these spunky island dwellers first hand. When you stay with us at Peace and Plenty, there are plenty of local tours that will take you out to Big Major Cay to go for an adventure and see our favorite neighbors.

When you arrive on the island, you can explore the sands of “Pig Beach” and comb for seashells as the Exuma Pigs happily splash along. They are always excited to see new visitors as many of them arrive with treats and come snorting up looking for something tasty.

Experiencing Exuma Bahamas

Peace and Plenty invites you to stay with us in our beautifully remodeled oceanfront accommodations. You will find yourself in the midst of a paradise of crystal blue waters, delicious Bahamian meals, comfortable quarters, and adventures. Come and stay with us for an Exuma Bahamas excursion that you will never forget.