Finding The Ideal Exuma Bahamas Tour

Finding The Ideal Exuma Bahamas Tour

The Exuma Bahamas are known for our sparkling waters, rich with vibrant beachy areas that are great for island hopping, and a fun culture that loves our home dearly. It is easy to see why this area of the world is a popular destination the minute you arrive. When you fly into the Great Exuma and Georgetown Bahamas, you can get settled into your gorgeous accommodations at Peace & Plenty. Once you have checked in and checked out our Exuma hotel, set out on an adventure to discover what our incredible island home has to offer.

Discovering Our Home On Land

If you are not quite ready to venture out to sea, we suggest finding one of the fantastic tours that take you through an island on four wheels nearby our Exuma resort. Hop on an ATV with an adventurous eco-tour with We Tree Group. Just outside of Georgetown, this hour and a half ride will take you down the southern coast and back for a great first taste of the Great Exuma Bahamas. Another fantastic tour will take you to several landmarks and local wonders as you explore with Exuma ATV Explorer. Learn about the island’s history and peer into the wonderful world of the Bahamas.

Georgetown BahamasA Seafarer’s Dream

For those who cannot wait to hit the waves and explore amongst the ocean blue, there are quite a few different tours and charters at the ready to take you out. Embark on an ocean adventure with tour companies like Out-Island Explorers that offer day trips, sailing, kayaking and more. You can also go island hopping and snorkeling with local tours such as Exuma Sunrise Tour. You can even make it a party with Comfort Ventures Tours! Swim with our friendly underwater neighbors, play with the Exuma pigs, discover the Thunderball Grotto, and so much more!

A Perfect Place To Stay

We are very fortunate to be located in such an incredible corner of the world and invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience at our great Exuma hotel. Discover a tropical Exuma resort stay and espy the raw beauty of the incredible islands and waters right outside your window. The options are endless for memorable Bahamas expedition when you stay at our Exuma island resort. Relax, unwind, and explore with us at Peace & Plenty.