Cross Exuma Bahamas Off Your Bucket List!

Cross Exuma Bahamas Off Your Bucket List!

Many people have a bucket list full of adventures and experiences. One of the best places to cross off a few of those bucket list items is by taking a trip to Peace & Plenty Resort. With all of the beautiful ocean life, vibrant Caribbean culture, and myriad of activities, Exuma Bahamas is your one-stop shop for unforgettable experiences.

Unlimited Island Adventures

When you arrive in the Bahamas, the crystal blue waters will take your breath away. From the moment the plane lands on Great Exuma, you may not make it to Peace & Plenty Resort without making a few stops. Jeep tours, beautiful beach areas, and delicious food are sure to catch your eye, and every place holds something new. Once you are settled into your accommodations, set out and explore the island to discover all of the different experiences that await!

Exuma BahamasWhy Stay In One Place

The Exuma Bahamas is made up of several gorgeous islands that are full of life, so why stop at Great Exuma? Head out on a boat for an island hopping journey that opens up a world of possibilities and start checking off your bucket list as you go. Check out the Thunderball Grotto, swim with sharks, snorkel over a living ocean reef, and more. There are so many different experiences waiting for you that it may take you a few days to get through them all.

Stay And Play

Not only will you be staying in a beautifully remodeled oasis at Peace & Plenty Resort, but you will also be a hop and a skip from all of the best things to do in Exuma. You can easily flip a coin to decide which excursion you will embark on first or simply go down your list and check the boxes as you go. When you stay with us at Peace & Plenty, you can create the ideal itinerary for the most epic getaway you have had yet! Come and explore the beautiful Bahamas with us and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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