Dining With Peace & Plenty

Dining With Peace & Plenty

When the waves are speckled with pigs at play and the palm trees are shading the beaches just right, it is hard to find anything better than a getaway to Exuma Bahamas resorts like Peace and Plenty. It is easy to see why a paradise such as ours is the perfect place to escape. While you are here, we will take care of all of your worries so you can spend your adventure carefree. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and something fruity will be served daily, so you do not need to worry about a thing during your stay.


Imagine waking up with the tropical breeze lightly fluffing your curtains as you rise to the Bahamas sun. You walk down to the dining area and discover a menu full of marvelous choices for your breakfast. Start the day off with an array of Italian, American, and Bahamian meal options to get you fueled up for a day of Bahamas adventures.


Enjoy a daily lunch from our talented cooking staff during your stay to keep up your energy between excursions. Pair it with a drink from our poolside bar for an even better mid-day meal.


When dinner time rolls around and your tummy begins to rumble, the dining room and deck seating become the place to be. Pull up a chair and discover all of the tasty dishes on our dinner menu. From Mahi Mahi to Tiramisu, you will be sure to find something incredible to indulge in. Close out your night by the pool with a drink in hand and relish in the beauty of the Exuma Bahama night sky as the waves create a soothing lullaby as they rush to shore.

When you stay with us in our Exuma Bahamas resorts, you will be sure to have not only an unforgettable stay but incredible meals to top it off. Indulge in the tastes of Exuma as well as enjoy the sheer beauty of our home. When you stay with us at Peace and Plenty, you will be able to experience all that our paradise home has to offer. Come and discover it all with us!