Bahamas Transportation: Traveling In and Around Exuma

Bahamas Transportation: Traveling In and Around Exuma

While traveling, it’s helpful to research transportation options before arriving at your destination. You don’t want to fumble around once you get there! Since the Bahamas has so many islands, researching “transportation in the Bahamas” is wise to be fully prepared to get yourself anywhere your heart desires. Whether you stay in Exuma or you want to island-hop like no tomorrow, here is our guide to Bahamas transportation to make your life as easy as possible during your stay at Peace and Plenty Resort

Your Bahamas Transportation Guide 

Rental cars, taxis, and private boat rentals are the most convenient Bahamas transportation options. However, don’t forget you can seek out scooters and water taxis if you’d rather go the more unconventional route. 

Bahamas Boat Rentals 

For your convenience, Peace and Plenty Resort concierges can help hotel guests book private boat rentals. In addition, we also provide a daily boat shuttle from Peace and Plenty Resort to the Beach Club. You can spend your day soaking up the sun on the beach on Stocking Island. 

Bahamas Car Rentals

If you’re only looking to drive around Exuma, there are plenty of companies who provide options for car rental in Exuma, Bahamas, whether you want a Jeep, SUV, or sedan. Don’t forget that you can also rent a car once you land at Exuma International Airport. 

Bahamas Taxis

Thanks to government regulations, taxis in the Bahamas must all charge the same rates. Ask the front desk at Peace and Plenty Resort to hail you a cab, or call one of the several companies offering taxicab services in Exuma like Junior Taxi Service

Exuma Accommodations 

No matter how you navigate Bahamas transportation, know you can return to your Exuma accommodations here at Peace and Plenty Resort. Gaze out of the floor-to-ceiling windows to your balcony over the Elizabeth Harbour and snuggle up in our spacious seaside hotel. Call us at 888-203-4843 for any questions about transportation on the islands, or visit us on our website for more information about the hotel.