Visit These Bahamas Lighthouses

Visit These Bahamas Lighthouses

Lighthouses are scattered throughout the Bahamas. And sensibly so: our chain of islands has needed them to guide ships from the sea throughout our history. Some of them have become famous landmarks, and others add character to our islands. Although George Town has no lighthouses, dozens of towers are worth day trips to on other islands to cities like Bimini, Nassau, Acklins, and more. History buffs will delight in each lighthouse’s story, and others will be happy to take scenic photos or climb to the top. In order of closest to farthest from your Exuma accommodations at Peace and Plenty, these Bahamas lighthouses are landmarks you’ll want to cross off your bucket list. 

Most of the lighthouses are on smaller islands off of the main islands, so smaller boats with approximately 20-minute rides will get you there. Take the ferry or fly from George Town to Nassau, Inagua, Acklins or Bimini. 

Hog Island Lighthouse 

After taking the ferry to Nassau, find the Hog Island Lighthouse. Built in 1817 on Paradise Island, it marks the northwest entrance to New Providence and the Port of Nassau. Previously, Paradise Island used to be called Hog Island—explaining where it got its name. This Bahamas lighthouse is one of the most well-known in the islands. 

Castle Island Lighthouse 

Fly to Acklins to see this 1867 lighthouse that used to be a safehouse for pirates after raids on the ocean.

Bird Rock Lighthouse 

Historians say that Christopher Columbus himself anchored here when he first stopped in the Bahamas, but you’ll have to fly to Acklins from George Town to get there. 

Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse 

After flying first to Bimini, climb to the top of the 152-foot lighthouse for views of the ocean. Although operational until the 1970s, rumors say that ghosts haunt this lighthouse

Great Inagua Lighthouse 

Standing at 113 feet tall, this is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Bahamas. After many shipwrecks happened along the coastline, the British built it to ward off pirate activity. 

Exuma Accommodations

Day trips to these Bahamas lighthouses are some of the most fun things to do in Exuma Bahamas. Each of them brings their charm and backstory, and the towns there deserve to be explored too. Return to George Town Bahamas to relax after climbing all the stairs of the Bahamas lighthouses to your room in Peace and Plenty Hotel and Beach Club, one of the best Great Exuma Island resorts. Call us at 888-203-4843 or book with us online